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MTA - Seminars & Booth

Part of our ministry is a teaching ministry.
The following are a list of the topics we we typically teach.
Each is about 55 minutes in length.


Creation Topics

Men & Dinosaurs - See physical evidence showing that dinosaurs and men
lived together as recently as 1,000 years ago. (DVD available.)

What Mt. St. Heles Tells Us About The Genesis FloodEvolution & The Bible - How do we know Genesis is a true account of creation, the fall and the flood? What does the rest of the Bible say about dinosaurs and Genesis? (DVD available.)

The Age Of The Earth - Compares scientific evidence used to show the earth is billions of years old vs scientific evidence the earth is 6,000 years old. And, of course, we talk about what the Bible says. (DVD available.)

Theology of Genesis 1:1 - A word-by-word look at what Genesis 1:1 says. A deep dive into the first verse in the Bible. (DVD coming soon.)

Can The Earth Be Old And The Bible Be True? - A look at scripture to find out if scripture allows for the possibility of an old earth (it doesn't). (Podcast available, and is included on the Age of The Earth DVD.)

Creation Booth At Crawfish FestivalCreation Booth with Real Dinosaur Tracts - Our creation booth is available for events such as VBS, festivals, fairs, or any place people gather. At a minimum it includes a dinosaur track display and we make books, tracts and DVDs available. If room is available additional fossils and artifacts can be displayed. The booth typically comes with two people who can explain the dinosaur tracks and fossils, and share the gospel.

Learn more about our Creation Evangelism Booth.

Evangelism Topics

How To Share Your Faith - learn how to share the gospel Biblically and in a humble, loving, gentle way in which the presentation is not offensive.

We are currently working on a series of videos that will cover how to share your testimony, how to use gospel tracts, how to use the Evangi-Cube, what is the gospel, sharing the gospel using the law and other how-to topics.


Discipleship Topics

The Principles of Spiritual Growth - how to experience spiritual growth and glorify God. (Four parts.)

Diablo Mountain - We investigate the truth of the claim that all paths lead to the top of the mountain, as we look at Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, secular humanism and Christianity. (DVD available.)


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