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MTA - Creation Evangelism Booth

When Biblical creation is taught it is typically taught to Christians.
We agree with this, there is a big need for Christians to learn about Biblical creation.
But we also believe in taking the truth about creation, and about the God who did it, to nonbelievers.
Our most effective tool for doing this has been our Creation Evangelism Booth.

Creation Booth

Here are a few photos showing how our booth was used in 2010.
We are planning to greatly expand our schedule in 2011.

Tualatin Crawfish Festival The dinosaur tracks drew a steady flow of visitors of all ages at the Tualatin Crawfish Festival in August 2010.
Looking at dinosaur tracks Dinosaur tracks are excellent for opening a discussion about creation.

In the background you can see another table with an additional display of fossils, books, DVDs, tracts and a model of Noah's Ark (not visible here).

Very few of our booth visitors argue about evolution vs. creation. Most are curious, ask questions and are interested in learning about what God did.
At Kenton Park in Portland This was at Kenton Park in Portland. It's not a very good picture, but it was a very good day. We always had at least one or two people at the booth. We shared the gospel with more people that day than at any other event in 2010. Although we brought extra supplies, we ran out of Bibles to give away!
Part of the creation display At some events we share the gospel with children using the Wordless Book and face painting (in the backgound here).

In the foreground you can see the dinosaur track display. It includes three large tracks, a toe impression that has been cut to show the layers of sediment, and under one of the papers are some baby dinosaur tracks.

We also have other tracks that are kept behind the display. They are used to show how tracks are made and how the top and bottom halves fit together.
Talking about creation. Depending on where we are we use various banners on our booth. In this photo the booth is set up in the lobby of a church.

Please contact us for information about having the
MTA Creation Evangelism Booth at your event.

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