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For release February 22, 2012

Move To Assurance Releases New Video: (The Four Steps Of) How To Share Your Testimony

Tualatin, OR – Move To Assurance (MTA), a non-denominational Christian evangelism and discipleship ministry has announced their latest videoHow To Share Your Testimony. Produced to help Christians learn how to use their testimony for sharing the good news about Jesus Christ, this video is available on DVD and on YouTube..

Our testimony is one of our most effective tools for sharing the gospel, if we are properly prepared, and if we remember to include the gospel in our testimony.

"When we share our testimony with the purpose of sharing about Jesus Christ, we need to be sure Jesus Christ is in our testimony. The focus should be on connecting people with Jesus." said Steve Hudgik, Executive Director of MTA. "When we interviewed people for this video nearly 90% of the testimonies we recorded were focused on the person giving the testimony. Jesus and the gospel were only a small part of the story, if they were there at all. We hope this video will help change the focus to be on the gospel."

This new MTA video shows the four steps used in preparing to sharing your testimony:

1) Prayer
2) Write a long and short version of your testimony
3) Convert what your wrote into an outline
4) Memorize the outline and practice sharing your testimony

These four steps are covered in this fast-moving 25 minute video. The video also goes into details such as tips to help you write your testimony, and a description of the three parts of a Christian testimony:

1) The way I was before
2) What happened (how you became a Christian)
3) The way you are now

The video also covers topics such as when you should share your testimony and the circumstances in which another way of sharing the gospel might be more appropriate. It even covers what to do if you forget part of your testimony.

“As Christians we've assumed that everyone will know how to share their testimony.” Steve explains. “But like everything else we do, having some guidance and training is very useful. We've made this the first in what will be a series of evangelism 'how-to' videos, because this is were the greatest need was.”

(The Four Steps Of) How To Share Your Testimony is freely available online on the MTA web site at: DVD copies, which include two bonus videos showing testimonies, are available on the MTA web site for $5.00 (

Translation of this video into Russian is planned for 2012.

Additional videos planned for this “how-to” series include:

Using Gospel Tracts

What Is The Gospel?

Sharing The Gospel

What did the apostles do?

Located in Tualatin, Oregon, Move To Assurance (MTA) is a non-denominational evangelical ministry dedicated to going and doing Matthew 28:19&20. MTA has produced six previous videos, four about Genesis and creation, and two about true and false beliefs. All are freely available online on the MTA web site and YouTube. They are also available on DVD. Two of the videos are available in Russian. MTA's mission is to share the gospel and teach about the Bible; teach others to share the gospel; and provide opportunities for churches and individuals to be involved in sharing the gospel. The MTA web site is at:

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The following images are available online
(screen capture from the video)
Suggested Caption: Steve Hudgik hosts the MTA video How To Share Your Testimony
Suggested Caption: Part of the video was filmed during a political protest in Portland, Oregon (Pioneer Courthouse Square)
Suggested caption for either of these two photos: On-the-street interviews are included in the video showing how people share about non-Christian events.

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