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General & Apolegetics by Others MTA Videos MTA Training Videos
When God Abandones A Nation
- John MacArthur
Knowing False Religions and
False Teaching
How To Share Your Testimony
180 Video (About Abortion) What Is Truth? Other Training Videos
Answering a Muslim's Question About
Original Sin - Ravi Zacharias
The Age Of The Earth
(Billions or thousands of years?)
The Fire Fighter
(WOTM Episode 1)
Biblical Creation 101 - a 14 video online series showing there is no conflict between the Bible and science. The Question of Distant Starlight Using The Mirror of the Ten Commandments
(WOTM Episiode 2)
  Men And Dinosaurs
(Did men & dinosaurs live together?)
The Beauty of a Broken Spirit
(WOTM Episode 7)
  Evolution And The Bible
(Can both the Bible and Evolution Be True?
(WOTM Episode 10)
  Is the Bible True Because
It Says That It Is True?
Lie and Covet
(WOTM Episode 13)
  Diablo Mountain
Do all religions lead to God?
Ice Breakers - Gospel Tracts
(WOTM Episode 24)
  The Spitting Dinosaur When Things Go Wrong
  MTA Videos - Russian Language Hell's Best Kept Secret
  Men & Dinosaurs - Russian  
  Do All Religions Lead To God? - Russian
(Climbing Diablo Mountain
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