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Touch Real Dinosaur Tracks - Learn About Jesus

You'll see a lot of pictures on our web site showing dinosaur tracks. What do these have to do with each other? Why do we combine dinosaur tracks and the gospel?

Dinosaur TracksThanks to the generosity of a brother in Christ, we have several real dinosaur tracks. Would you like to touch a real dinosaur track? It's a once-in-lifetime opportunity. Dinosaur tracks are locked in museums and they are definately off limits to touching -- unless you come to one of our seminars or visit our evangelism booth. We have the tracks on display. We talk about what you can see in the tracks, how they were made, and what they tell us about dinosaurs. And you can touch them!

We have a traveling dinosaur track exibit. It includes the large tracks shown here. There are also tracks that have been cut so you can see the layers of sediment. We even have baby dinosaur tracks. When there is room we also bring other fossils including clams, fish, a dinosaur bone, trilobites and others.

What do dinosaur tracks and fossils have to do with Jesus, the gospel and evangelism?

They attract a crowd. Not only that, they start a conversation. People stop and take the time to talk with us. We talk about dinosaurs and we learn a little about the people we are talking with. We ask questions:

What happened to the dinosaurs? They all died.

So what do you think will happen after you die?

And we're into a spiritual conversation in which we can share the gospel.

Teaching about genesisWe also use dinosaur tracks to teach about Genesis

Understanding that we are created in God's image; that we are fallen sinners who are now separated from God; that there was a world-wide flood with one way to salvation; are foundational to understanding sin, God's love, and our need for a savior. So we also teach about Genesis 1 through 11 (get our free DVDs).

Incorporating dinosaur tracks into our seminars and classes attracts unbelievers, helps hold people's interest, and helps them to remember what we taught. Using dinosaurs tracks are excellent for holding children's attention. It gives us the opportunity to build the foundation for the gospel and to water seeds others have planted. And it opens doors to the gospel. Our teaching about Genesis almost always includes the gospel message.

Looking at dinosaur tracks

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