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Using Gospel Tracts

Is handing out gospel tracts an effective means of sharing the gospel?
Watch this video about a little man in a doorway on George Street in Sydney, Australia.

Some people say,
"Gospel tracts may be effective in other countries, but not in the U.S."

The problem isn't that gospel tracts are not effective in America, the problem is that the culture in America has changed, but our gospel tracts have not.

American culture is growing less, and less Christian. Most American's call themselves Christian, but they don't actually know what that means... and they have little Bible knowledge. In the past there was more of a Christian foundation. Now there is more myth.

In America a gospel tract that assumes the reader has some Biblical foundation, is a gospel tract that does not deliver its message. For example, few people in America know what the word "sin" means. So if the tract says "Jesus died to forgive your sins." That sentence has no meaning, because the reader "knows" they are not a sinner.

An effective gospel tract first needs to build a foundation. It has to create an understanding of sin. An understanding that, because we've broken God's laws (sin), we will be justly punished by God. Once that foundational fact has been established, then the gospel will make sense. But until a person realizes they are a sinner (that they've broken God's laws) the gospel does will not make sense to them.

The gospel is the same in every culture, every country, and every people group. It is a universal truth. Sin is also the same in every culture, every nation and every people group. The problem in America is that we have forgotten what sin is. We needed to be reminded to listen to our conscience. God has written His law in everyone's heart -- that's what we call our conscience. In America a gospel tract first needs to wake up the conscience, and then deliver the good news about what God has done to save us from the consequences of our sin.

Places to purchase good gospel tracts:

Living Waters


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