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We partner with churches and Christians who desire to learn and GO out to do evangelism and make disciples.

Our Ministry

Through 2013 the focus of iour ministy was on street outreach. Beginning in December 2013 we took the next step, and moved into church planting. Once people have heard the gospel, repented, and trusted in Christ as their savior, they need to begin attending a good church.

Our outreach ministry continues, primarily partnering with other churches to help them get started with outreaches at festivals, fairs, parades, and other events where people who need the gospel gather. We are currenrtly working weith three churches.

What We Are Doing

Our church plant is Cannon Beach Bible Church. This is a church that was originally planted in 1951. In January 2013 they were about to close the doors and give away the property. Along with three other men I agreed to preach on some Sundays and keep the church going for one more year. This would allow time for the Hispanic church, that was also using the building, to possibly take over the facility.

Cannon Beac h Bible Church

In December 2013 my wife and I became fulltime missionaries with the goal of establishing a new English church in the Cannon Beach Bible Church facility.

2014 was a year of getting legal problems straightened out, as well as dealing with building maintenance issues that hasd to be addressed ASAP, such as broken windows and electrical hazards.

2015 was a year of making the presence of the church known, and getting to know thec ommunity. Most people in the Cannon Beach community either did not know the church existed (we have a very poor location at the end of a dead end street), or they thought the church had closed.

2018 - The church is stable and we are now bringing on a full-time pastor (a graduate of Master's Seminary).

The ministry in Cannon Beach has lead to an expansion of other parts of our ministy:

Cannon Beach Bible Church Books

In April 2015 I started working on a book called, "This Is Not Jesus Calling." In the past two years I've had to answer more questions about the Jesus Calling book than any other topic. This is not a Christian book. It is a book that leads people away from Jesus. To save myself some time I started writing down what I've been telling people.

In October 2015 I started writing a book called "Why Did You Move To Cannon Beach?" This has beena great way to meet peolwe and learn about the community. Plus, I think this will turn out to be a very interesting book about the people in Cannon Beach. Of course, as with everything I do, it will include the gospel.

In addtion, we had two VBS programs this year, we've held two seminars, and produced four new videos during 2015. Visit our church Facebook page for more information about what we are doing.

Outreach Event Photos

2013 Evangelism Event Photo Album

2012 Evangelism Event Photo Album

2011 Evangelism Event Photo Album


2013 Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
A team of fifteen people helped with our outreach booth at the
Sherwood Robin Hood Festival.
This photo includes seven of the team members. The area with the
chairs is for CEF style face painting.

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Spreading the good news about God's promise of salvation through repentance and trusting in Jesus Christ.

Smart Phone Outreach!
Below - the first church with a banner.
This banner is visible from hwy 101 on the Oregon coast.
The 911Christ web site will share the gospel with visitors. It also detects smart phones and devices, and can share the gospel in three languages and based on their geographic location recommend the church that is displaying the banner.

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