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Handing Out Tracts

Steve was a part of a two-man team from SW Hills Baptist Church that went to Uganda in August. We tried handing out the comic book "Are You A Good Person" tract. Not only did everyone take it, some people came back and asked for more copies.

What I wanted to see was how people reacted to this tract. It worked just as it does in the U.S. -- people read the title, then typically said "I'm a good person!" and then they would continue to read the tract. I've used this tract in the U.S., Russia, India, and Indonesia. Almost everyone, every place in the world thinks they are a good person.

There will be follow-up for many of the people who received tracts.

Uganda Photos:

Upper left: This is the street in Kampala where we handed out tracts. Although you don't see any in this picture, there were people walking by. This picture is so you can see what Kampala looks like.

Left: The yellow arrow points to the person (in blue), partially hidden behind a car, who is handing out tracts.

Below left: A woman in a fruit and vegetable market is reading the "Are You A Good Person" comic book tract. A pastor will return the following week to follow up with those who received a tract at this market.

Below: The fruit and vegetable market where we handed out the "Are You A Good Person" comic book tract. We also gave out the comic book tract on the street, in a grocery store, and in a barber shop. It was received well everywhere.

In addition to tracts we brought other materials to Uganda. Pastors from around Uganda received copies of the "Hell's Best Kept Secret/True and False Conversions" CD. We also had a limited supply of tracts, books, and DVDs that we provided to pastors.





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