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Shriners Circus

We went to the Circus Parade in West Springfield - we had plenty of tracts, but there were few people there.
The next evening we went to the circus. We didn't bring many tracts. The area outside the arena was packed.
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Sometimes things don't work out as planned.

The above two photos, and the header, show the "crowd" at the circus parade. We came ready to share the gospel with a thousand people. There were very few people at the parade.

The next night we came to see the circus, not expecting many people outside of the arena. But, as you can see below,
there were a lot of people. Next year we'll do better and have the right resources at the right times.

This is why we like tio have one person go to an event to learn what it is like, and how best to reach people at the event,
before we bring a team to that event.


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