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Albany Hot Rod and Speed Show

We started 2013 with an outreach at the Albany Hot Rod and Speed Show.
You can see the yellow and black banners that were a part of our booth just below the "S" in the word "Show" in the above photo.
Yes, the booth looks very small. There were a lot of cars between the booth and the camera..
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Evangelism at the Albany Hot Rod Show

We had our dinosaur track display
to help get people to stop at the booth.

There were lots of kids at the Albany Hot Rod Show

There were lot's of families and kids at this show.
The kids really liked the curved optical illusion tract.

Albany Hot Rod and Speed Show

Three of the four people staffing our booth can be seen in this picture.
(Look for the people will million dollar bills intheir hands.)

Albany Hot Rod & Speed Show

Albany Hot Rodand Speed Show Albany Hot Rod and Speed Show
It was a busy day. Most people accepted a million dollar tract. We met a lot of Christians, even more non-believers, and -- for the first time -- there were other Christian doing evangelism and discipleship. It was a wonderful day of
Christian brotherhood. And many, many people received gospel tracts and heard the gospel.


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