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Northampton, MA - Three County Fair

2011 was the 194th Three County Fair making it one of the oldest continuously run fairs in America. I've been at three of the last four fairs and as a fair it is getting bigger and better every year. What I do is wander around handing out $1,000,000 bill gospel tracts and talking with whoever is interested in talking. Unlike other places essentially everyone I meet needs the gospel. I am hoping we can have a booth at this fair within the next couple of years.

I was there by myself this year, so there was no one available to take photos. (Return to 2011 photo index.)

Three County FairThis is a difficult event - the darkness is strong.

It is normal to not want to go out to do evangelism. But usually once I get started I'm filled with energy, joy and excitement. No so in Massachusetts and the Three County Fair. As is normal it is hard to get started. But it is also hard to keep going and that's not normal. A prayer partner was very much needed.

It's not the people. They are as friendly, welcoming and open as anywhere else. Massachusetts people are nice people. And this fair is one of the easiest for handing out tracts. I hand out about as many tracts per hour as I do in other places. As at other places people smile and laugh when I offer them a million dollar bill. As they do in other places people even chase after me to get one. But there is a spiritual darkness that is oppressive. It makes me long for home and the company of other Christians.

The people who are over 40 are typically Catholic and they say they are "saved" because they do what the Catholic church says to do. They are trusting in the ritual and ceremony of the Catholic Church. But, what is even sadder are the young people - those under 30. They seem lonely and empty and lost - searching, not knowing what they are searching for and not finding it.

Jonathan EdwardsNorthampton - Some historical background

Northampton is the place where the first major revival in America started.
It was called the Great Awakening.

The revival started with the preaching of Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) who at the time was a Congregational minister in Northampton. Through the preaching of Jonathan Edwards, and others, people became aware of the emptiness of the ritual and ceremony of the church and they recognized their need for Jesus Christ to save them from the consequences of their having broken God's laws.

It seems that what is needed in New England is another Jonathan Edwards. The message is the same: don't trust in what you do (obeying the Catholic Church), trust in Jesus Christ alone. There is no salvation except through trusting 100% in Jesus Christ alone.

I am hoping next year the Lord will provide what is needed so we can have a booth at the Three County Fair. The advantage of a booth is that it provides a location people can return to. Instead of having someone (like me) just wander around for a couple of hours and then be gone. The booth makes us easy to find; easy to come back to with questions; easy to bring friends to; and it provides a place where we can have a wide variety of resources available. It gives us a base from which we can preach salvation through Christ alone.



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