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2011 Sherwood Robinhood Festival Evangelism

This is the first time we've had a booth at the Sherwood Robinhood Festival. It was a blast!
We had so much going on that it was incredible. We had dinosaur tracts, magic tricks, illusions, reading the
wordless book, face painting, balloon scultures and more. We gave out tracts at the parade
and shared the gospel with... well, I don't know how many people, but it was a lot... and at least two accepted Christ as their savior.
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Sherwood Robin Hood Festivak

The booth. We have real dinosaur tracts to attract attention
and bring people to the booth. You can see heads turn as people walk by the booth.
The dinosaur tracks get them to stop, and they leave with the gospel.


Face painting in Sherwood

Kids hear the gospel through the Wordless Book and then
they can have their face painted and hear the gospel again.
(We use the CEF method for sharing with kids.)

Evangelism booth in Sherwood

From the outside, on the street, looking in.
We had a constant stream of people stopping at the booth.
By Saturday evening we were exhausted... and filled with joy.

View from inside the evangelism booth

From the inside of the booth looking out.
We were there for two days. It was so exciting that none of
the booth staff slept much Friday night. And we were wide awake and
ready to go Saturday morning.

Sharinmg the gospel on the parade rout

Sharing the gospel at the Sherwood parade. The lady in white is on our team. She is handing out tracts and talking with people. This was our second year sharing
the gospel at the Sherwood parade.

On the parade route

Sharing gospel tracts at the parade. Notice the smiles.
People really love getting the million dollar bill gospel tract.

Sharing the gospel with teens

Sharing with teens. People of all ages stopped at our booth.
The curved illusion seemed to really grab the attention of teens and draw
them over to the booth where we could then have a conversation.

Balloons at our booth

Making balloon sculptures.
This was the first time we used ballons to attract people to hear the gospel.

Touch Real Dinosaur Tracks - Hear The Story About Jesus. How do those two go together? Come visit our booth some time and find out.
So many people stopped this weekend that we couldn't talk with them all!

Our goal is to both share the gospel and help others learn how to share the gospel.
We had ten volunteers this weekend and they all had a great time. Those who were first timers were surprised by how easy,
and how much fun it is, to share the gospel. The festival vendor
coordinator commented that he had never seen people have so much fun sharing the gospel.


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