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2011 Newburg Old Fashioned Days Festival

I am continually amazed at how the Lord works. We had trouble getting volunteers for Newburg, and then some medical problems came up. I became so discouraged that two weeks before it was scheduled I took Newburg off our schedule. But the Lord led us to go ahead, we went to Newburg and I was blown away by what the Lord did. We shared the gospel with a LARGE number of people (no one kept count). There was a young lady from central China who was visiting for two weeks and who had never heard of the Bible or Jesus. There were Muslins, Mormons, atheists, Catholics, Darwinists, Christians, confused people and more. Newburg was somewhat unique. There was an unusually large number of atheists. This led to some interesting conversations.
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Sharing the gospel in Newburg

Sharing the gospel. Some people stopped and talked, most passed by.
Some talked for a long time. Some just took a tract.
It is all in the Lord's hands - but He did keep us pretty busy

The kids's area in Newburg

We rented extra space that we used for a kids area.

Thursday evening at the Newburg festival


Sharing the gospel with a Muslim

The kids hear the gospel  also.

As usual lots of kids came to our booth.

Share in the booth.


Street preaching

The gospel is proclaimed!

A group from the Potter's House Church in McMinneville comes to the Newburg Festival every year to witness in the festival and do street preachiing.
In this photo they are street preaching. Praise the Lord for their dedication to living in obedience to what the Lord has commanded us to do.
It is a blessing to see other Christians sharing the gospel. And we enjoyed some time fellowshipping at our booth.

People came before we opened on Sunday

We thought Sunday would be a little slower, but people started
showing up even before we had our booth set up.
These young people are hearing the gospel shared through
the EvangiCube.

Talking about the Bible



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