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Tualatin Crawfish Festival Evangelism
The weather was perfect, and we had an excellent location at the Tualatin Crawfish Festival this year. We tried setting up our booth two different ways. In the morning we featured the dinosaur tracks in the afternoon the good person test.
At the last two events we have been getting the Philip Response. Click here to read about the Philip Response.
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Our Crawfish Festival Booth

Here is our booth before people started coming in the morning.

People started coming to the booth right away

Once the parade ended the park was packed. People from two churches came to help, plus we borrowed kid's chairs from a third church. You can just see kids coming in to hear the Wordless Book Story on the right of this picture.

Explaining the dinosaur tracks.

With the dinosaur tracks we had lot's of kids and families stop. We gave out a huge number of tracts, putting the gospel into the hands of many.

At times our booth got very busy.

The dinosaur tracks do draw attention. We were very busy.

We switched to the Good Person Test

In the afternoon we switched our banners to feature the good person test
and the question, "Are Your Going To Heaven?"

Teens asked about the Good Person Test

Lot's of people stopped by to take the good person test, such as this
group of young people. The questions: How many lies have you told?
Have you ever taken something that does not belong to you?
Have you ever looked at another person with lust?
God sees that as adultery in your heart.

Sharing gospel tracts

In the afternoon people stopped to talk. We gave out many fewer tracts,
but we had lot's of excellent conversations.

Sharing the gospel

Many young people stopped and wanted to find out if there were a good person. Using the Ten Commandments they learned that no one is good and we all are in need of a savior - Jesus Christ.



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