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Clark County Fair Evangelism

Clark County Fair is always packed with people. They provide a Free Speech Area, at two of the gates, where we can hand
out tracts and talk with people. The green gate is the busiest gate by far, so that's where we spent most of our time.
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People streaming into the fair

People streaming into the Green Gate. We started with
two people handing outtracts at this gate, then called in a third to help.

Handing out tracts at the green gate

At the green gate. Most people take a million dollar bill tract.
But, when we checked the trash we saw that some people throw it away.

A conversation at an evangelism booth in the fair

Inside the exhibit center we found two Christian booths. The Gideons handing out New Testaments and this booth run by God's Word Baptist Church.
That's pastor Ken in the blue shirt on the right. It was a blessing to meet him. A missionary visiting from Idaho is in the dark
blue shirt (on the left). Along with two of our team members he is talking with a gentleman who stopped by with some questions.
We spent about three hours answering questions at this booth.

Sharing tracts at the green gate

The lady in pink is handing out tractsat the green gate. There was one person (not in this picture) who
started reading the tract, spit on it, and gave it back to her.

Taking a rest

Sometimes the legs give out and it's time for a bite to eat.

Sharing the million dollar bill

Sharing tracts back at the green gate.



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