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2011 Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest

It was a very rainy and wet day in Cannon Beach. The sand castle building team made the open tomb; we shared the gospel on the beach; we had a booth with the wordless book, face painting, our dinosaur tracks and lots of literature and DVDs; and we had people on the streets sharing the gospel. Shown above are the two booths we had set up on the main street.
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The Sand Castle - Open tomb and the Cross Our team's sand sculpture is finished! It showed the open tomb,
the cross, and a Bible that said "The Love Of God" in both Spanish and English.

WorkingOn The Sand Sculpture
Working on the sand sculpture.

Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest Weekend Cannon Beach Face Painting

In the booth kids are hearing the the gospel from the wordless book and having their faces painted.

In the background, outside the booth, you can see a team member sharing the gospel using an optical illusion tract.


We had our dinosaur track display. These two young guys heard the wordless book, then had a dinosaur face painting.

Our booth also attracted a number of local business owners who were interested in getting evangelism materials they could give out in their stores.

The Crowd Still Came In The Rain
Yes, it was a rainy, wet day. But there was still a large crowd at the Cannon Beach Sand Castle Cometion this year.

"Truly, truly I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgement,
but has passed out of death into life."
- John 5:24


A Wet Evangelism Team

Above - the beach evangelism team. They got cold and wet, but came back with wonderful stories about sharing with people on the beach. The young man on the left shared with a man who got extremely angry and was yelling and cursing him -- a sign that he was being convicted and his sinful nature didn't like it.

Building The Open Tomb Working on the sand sculpture.
Some of the spectators guessed that our sculpture was
Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock... which provided the opportunity to
explain that it was the open tomb of Jesus and what that meant.


Right - A discussion about the gospel in Spanish. Sometimes we were busy, sometimes not much was happening. The Lord brought the people he wanted us to talk with to our booth.

A lady stopped to ask, "What type of book is a wordless book?" It turns out she believed in god and karma and had studied many religions. We talked about the Christianity and the gospel. She then accepted a book by Ray Comfort called "World Religions In a Nutshell." It's an excellent book that explains each of the major world religions, and at the end of each chapter gives an example of sharing the gospel with people from that religion. (The gospel is always the same.)


Below - we had people on the sidewalk handing out tracts and praying for people. Some of our team also spread out along the main street to share tracts and the gospel.

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