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Americas Largest Christmas Bazaar

This is the biggest event we did this year and it was great! Over 30,000 people plus 3,500 vendor staff normally attend this Christmas Bazaar.
There were a lot of people there! We gave out over 7,300 gospel tracts; over 800 copies of the "180" DVD; and over 200 copies of our creation videos. We could have given out more of our videos, but we were not able to duplicate more in time.

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Our Crawfish Festival Booth

We tried several arrangements for our booth. The three doors presented the question: Can You Name Three Things God Can't Do?

People started coming to the booth right away

Sixteen volunteers from two churches helped staff our booth for
this six day event.

Here you see five volunteers, three of whom are engaged in conversations. Sometimes we were busy just handing out tracts. Other times we were having a lot of conversations.

Explaining the dinosaur tracks.

The three doors drew a lot of attention and helped get conversations about the gospel started.

At times our booth got very busy.

We were directly across the aisle from Santa. Originally we thought this would be a good location because there would be a lot of families and kids. But this bazaar is dominated by people who are seriously into shopping. Santa was not very busy.

What was interesting is that in 30 years we were the first Christian booth at this Christmas bazaar.

We switched to the Good Person Test

Many times there were multiple conversations going on.
The young lady shown here (her back to the camera) spoke with
us for over 45 minutes.

Teens asked about the Good Person Test

Here you can see a copy of the "180" DVD being handed out. The producer of the video, Living Waters, gave us 800 copies to give away. We gave away all of them. It is called "180" because, by asking one question people turn from being pro-abortion to being pro-life. You can watch "180" online here.



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