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October 2011 News

MTA now has its first full-time volunteer. I have left my job and go into ministry full-time. (I'm Steve.) I made the move at the end of August. September was filled with travel so I just getting started at the beginning of October. I made this move because of the overwhelming need our ministry has. The call on my time became so great that I had to either stop the MTA ministry or stop working my regular job.

Russian Version Diablo MountainThere already has been a noticeable improvement. For example:

The Russian translation of the Diablo Mountain video has been completed. I thought it was completed last month, but we continued to find small things that needed correction. This video looks at the major world religions and shows why the God of the Bible is the one and only true God. In October we will be shipping copies of the DVD to all of our Russian contacts.

Plus I have made huge progress on the first video in our evangelism training series. It is called "How To Share Your Testimony For Evangelism." This one has been in our backlog for a long time and I now hope to finish it by the end of November.

By the way, this past week I needed to purchase more blank DVDs. That means over 1,400 copies of our DVDs have gone out so far this year!

In addition to DVDs I am now working on several books to help with our seminars. Plus there is news just in on the "What Do Baptists Believe book we put our earlier this year. The Indonesian translation has been completed.

By the way, if you'd like to stay up-to-date on our ministry, please subscribe to our email newsletter. I'm planning to change from bi-monthly to monthly publication as soon as possible.

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See our 2011 Evangelism Photo Album.
We had an evangelism event nearly every weekend this summer.

So what's coming in the future?

I have considerable work to do on projects that have been started but not finished. There is more than I thought. I'm guessing that a realistic estimate is that will take until the end of the year to clear up the back-log.

Prayer Requests

Ask the Lord for His guidance and wisdom for me (Steve) as I continue to get our full-time ministry up to speed. Ask the Lord to send us new opportunities to share the gospel, and that He will give us boldness, love and a humble attitude.

Please thank the Lord for all of the people He has sent our way to use their gifts to support our ministry. We have received a number of donations, and offers of materials we can borrow, to support our evangelism ministry. These include a professional quality booth we can use for the indoor events this fall and winter.

Pray for God's guidance for me as I prepare to speak at a men's retreat this month.

Please pray for our ministry partners in Russia and our ability to continue to provide financial support.

And thank you for your prayers!

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