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September 2011 News

August has continued to be hot for evangelism. The rain has stopped and the weather in the Pacific Northwest has been very pleasant - perfect for evangelism. We have continued with having an evangelism event every weekend.

See our 2011 Evangelism Photo Album.
Every weekend continues to bring something new.

Evangelism Booth At The Tualatin Crawfish Festival

We started August at the Clark County Fair in Vancouver, Washington. Then came the Crawfish Festival, Clackmas County Fair, India Festival and the Beaverton Days Celebration.

Picking just one story from all of these events is tough, but I think Chris at the Tualatin Crawfish Festival best represents something we have been seeing happening this summer.

I'd say Chris is in his early 20's. He stopped by our booth and asked to take the Good Person Test. We went through the Ten Commandents and he admitted that he is a lying, theif, an adulter and muderer in his heart. He agreed that he was heading for hell and understood that Jesus paid the penalty he owed for breaking God's laws. He went away very thoughtful.

Then about 30 minutes later Chris returned with a young lady. "Can you tell my girl friend what you told me?" he asked. I then took her through the Ten Commandments and the gospel.

More and more we are seeing people hear the gospel, then bring their friends to us because they thought it was important that their friends hear about the gospel also.

In other news...

We've just about finished the Russian translation of the Diablo Mountain video. This is a video that looks at the other major religions and shows that the God of the Bible is the one and only true God.

So far, in our first month in full time ministry, this has been a time of cleaning up lots of small odds and ends of projects that had been started and not finished. Plus, the day-to-day requirements such as updating the web site and putting out a weekly email to the 60+ people involved with our weekly evangelism events seem to use up time. But we've been filled with the joy seeing the great things the Lord has been doing.

Prayer Requests

PRAISE THE LORD for the success he has shown our ministry. For the growing numbers of people who are becoming involved with evangelism. For the thousands we have shared the gospel with. And for the times He has blessed our volunteers by allowing them to be present when he has changed hearts and made dead people alive again.

Please ask the Lord to give me (Steve) wisdom and discernment as I make the transition to full-time ministry. There are many opportunities on the table and ask the Lord to show me how to use my time wisely and effectively for His kingdom.

And thank you for your prayers!

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