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August 2011 News

The summer has turned from wet to fantastic for evangelism in July and August. There has been so much happening that we've put out two editions of our newsletter (right column).

The biggest news for me personally is that I've left my regular job and have moved into full-time ministry with Move To Assurance. It's a step of faith, but there was too much to do and not enough time. I'll have more about this in the next newsletter.

We've had an evangelism event nearly every weekend.
And every weekend has brought something new.

See my blog post on the Philip Response. We've been getting a response to the gospel that
is like the way Philip responded when Jesus called him. I have never seen anything like
this happen before.

Every weekend seems to bring a bigger response to our evangelism events. Young people
in particular are asking about the Good Person Test (a way to present the gospel) or
Jesus or the Bible. People under thirty don't seem to have a good understanding
of Christianity and they are filled with questions.


In other news...

We've finished the short book on What Do Baptists Believe?. It is now
being translated to other languages.

I've started working on a new book that has some of the questions we get asked at our
evangelism booth. It is called "66 Questions That Will Destroy Christianity." For example, an atheist asked me this question at the Clark County Fair:

"If I could show you that man has created life, would you
still believe in God?"

The book will deal with tough questions about evolution/creation, worshipping an evil God and questions asked by members of cults. It will even deal with questions we ask ourselves about the strength of our faith. There are 12 chapters planned, each covering a different subject.

Of course the book will have the answers also, plus some commentary and lots of stories. It looks like it will be about 180 to 200 pages. I hope to have it finished by next spring.


PRAISE THE LORD for His goodness, mercy and love! Please pray that the Lord will lead us to grow in Him and in our living out the fact that we are slaves and He is the master.

And thank you for your prayers!

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