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July 2011 News

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The summer of evangelism, but it's been a strange summer -- very wet. It has been raining for nearly every evangelism event. See our 2011 Evangelism Photo Album. July is our busiest month, with the 4th of July and two major muliple day festivals. We've never had a booth at an event that lasted more than one day. So July will really be stretching us.

The best way to tell the story about the past month is thru pictures. The above is from the Portland Starlight Parade. There were so many people that in 2-1/2 hours we only covered both sides of the street for two blocks.

We also were at the Portland City Fair, which is a part of the Rose Festival. The Navy had a number of ships tied up at the sea wall so we had the opportunity to share with some of the crew from some of the ships.


We brought our booth out for the first time this year for the Cannon Beach Sand Castle Compeition. It was a very rainy, wet day, but each person of our team had a unique experience of the Lord working.

At Cannon Beach we had a sand sculpture team, beach evangelism, street evangelism, the wordless book for kids and more.


We were also at the Tigard Balloon Festival sharing the gospel in the carnival area.

Prayer Requests

Please be praying for July. That we'll have the volunteers to staff our booths at the two major festivals in July. And for strength, energy and wisdom in preparing for the remainder of the events this summer.

Also we are in need of a person to join our board of directors. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to the right person.

We have a need for someone local in the Portland area to help with our office and accounting tasks. Please pray for the Lord to bring a volunteer to us.

Please continue to pray for the Lord's guidance and wisdom in creating the "How To Share Your Testimony" video. We have still not made any new progress. Also be praying for the Russian translation of the Diablo Moountain video. The translation is done and has been recorded, but we don't have time to do the editing.

PRAISE THE LORD for His goodness, mercy and love! Please pray that the Lord will lead us to grow in Him and in our living out the fact that we are slaves and He is the master.

And thank you for your prayers!

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