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June 2011 News

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We have a big problem, but it's a good problem. We have so many opportunities and so much going on that there isn't enough time to take advantage of every opportunity. Even as we've had more volunteers join our ministry we've been slowed down. The management time that is required to plan and organize events isn't available, so we can't put all of the volunteers to work. One area that I am cutting is our bi-monthly printed newsletter. We'll be going to a quarterly printed newsletter to free up some of Steve's time. We will continue to post monthly updates on this page.

See our 2011 Evangelism Photo Album

Two big events coming up in June. The Portland, Oregon Starlight Parade and the Cannon Beach Sand Castle Weekend.

Church At CAnnon BeachWhen I did evangelism on my own, or with a few friends, it was easy. No planning was needed. If there was a good event happening, I'd make a few phone calls and off we'd go. Now with over 40 volunteers it's not so easy. Each event requires preparation and planning. Do we have enough tracts? Who will carry water? What about transportation? Plus we've moving into having a bigger presence at events. To do that for Cannon Beach, for example, it took a week just to get permission from the city to have a booth on private property.

Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest

This photo shows the Hispanic Church in Cannon Beach (Steve was invited to preach and did an evangelism training session). We have partnered with them and SW Hills Baptist Church in Beaverton, to share the gospel at this event in a number of ways.

The Cannon Beach Church will be heading our effort in the Sand Castle Competition. They have their sculpture planned and are gathering the needed materials. They will also be hosting a BIG Mexican style dinner on Saturday evening.

SW Hills Baptist Church is leading the effort with our booth. We are currenntly plannng a Child Evangelism Fellowship style outreach using the wordless book and face painting. Plus we'll have the MTA dinosaur tracts and, of course, a big selection of free tracts, books and DVDs.

Overall it looks like we'll have 40 to 50 people participating in this event.

Starlight Parade

A team will be heading to the Starlight Parade to talk with who is interested in talking about the gospel, and -- of course -- anyone who wants one can have a $1,000,000 bill.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our Starlight Parade Team (June 4th), that they will be humble yet bold in their witness to the truth and power of of the gospel.

Please pray for the Cannon Beach Sand Castle weekend. That through all of the activities the good news will be preached. That we will be humble and an excellent reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that we will have many opportunities to share the gospel and will be wise in our words and humble in our attitude.

Praise the Lord for the new volunteers who are now working with us!

Please continue to pray for the Lord's guidance and wisdom in creating the "How To Share Your Testimony" video. Because of a lack oftime there has been no progress on this video. Please pray that He'll provide volunteers to help with this project or grant Steve the time to complete this video.

Pray continue to pray that the Lord will open the door to many opportunities for sharing the gospel and that we'll have wisdom in leading and training others, and we'll be bold and clear in our presentation of His good news.

PRAISE THE LORD for His goodness, mercy and love! Please pray that the Lord will lead us to grow in Him and in our living out the fact that we are slaves and He is the master.

And thank you for your prayers!

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