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2011 Dickinson Exploration Trip

In September we made an exploration trip to investigate expanding our ministry into North Dakota. Why North Dakota?
Because our son just moved there and that gives us a base to operate from. And...

Did you know that in Dickinson ND the Walmart is closed on Sunday morning because everyone is in church?
Wow! When is the last time you heard something like that?
Does that mean everyone is already a Christian? No. It means so many people go to a church on Sunday morning,
that few are left to work in the store. So this was something to investigate.

The above photo shows an international student potluck picnic we attended at Dickinson State University.

Dickenson is only 1,200 miles away. In addition, Montana and the Dakotas are states in which there have been major
dinosaur fossil finds. That means there are a lot of excellent locations at which we could get more information for our creation ministry.

So in September my wife and I packed up our '77 Chevy van and hit the road.
No ministry funds were used for this trip.
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Hillside Church, Dickinson, ND
We attended the Hillside Church (Baptist) in Dickinson.

No ministry funds were used for this trip.
We paid for this as a personal trip, and used it for ministry and
research as much as we could.

Broke Down In Great Falls Walmart
We stayed at Walmarts and lived in our '77 van for the eight day trip. The first day we had continual problems starting the van. In one case two elderly ladies stopped to help us. They didn't know why they stopped, nor what they could do to help us. But a jump from their car got us going again.
I have no doubt they were sent by God.

Glendive Dinosaur Museum - Overview

If you are ever in Eastern Montana, stop at the Glendive Dinosaur Museum. It is an excellent creation-based museum. The quality is superb. The information accurate and Biblical.

The photo to the left is looking over the first floor of the museum. There is a pterodactyl near the ceiling. You can see a stegosaurus in the background on the second floor. There are skeletons, big and small, everywhere.

Plus they have fossil evidence you won't see in secular museums. Clear evidence that shows people and dinosaur lived together. Below and to the left, is a human footprint with a dinosaur footprint on top of it - clearing showing humans and dinosaurs lived together. In the center below is a carving of a stegosaurus made 1000 years ago. The artist had to have seen a real stegosaurus. Below and to the right is a giant human footprint. Just as the Bible says, there were giant humans.

Plus there is lots more. Don't miss seeing this museum.

Glendive Dinosaur Museum Glendive Dinosaur Museum Glendive Dinosaur Museum
Museum Of The Rockies - Cells In Dinosaurs

Museum Of The Rockies

We visited the Museum Of The Rockies in Bozeman, MT.
This is one of the premier secular museums doing dinosaur fossil research.

Above is the actual skeleton of the dinosaur in which the first blood cells and soft tissue were found. These could not last millions of years. This dinosaur had to have died fairly recently (within the past 500 years.) I was wondering how this could be reconciled with evolution. The sign to the left says:

"The discovery is also making scientists rethink the way bones fossilize, because with our present understanding of the fossilization process, soft tissue should not exist."

I am hoping to return to these museums sometime when I have a better camera and more time available. But this visit, and the entire trip, was incredibly valuable.



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